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Full text of "NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) 19760024544: Evaluation of LANDSAT-2 data for selected hydrologic applications. [Luverne, Minnesota and Cranberry Lake"

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Produced by the NASA Center for Aerospace Information (CASI) 

"!■;* avilbWe under NAM !poo»,rti» 

'n_w iriiere:t of early and Nidedis. 

of Earth ResodtodJ Survey 
r .Ijrarn rnlormaiior, and m'lhoul IraUlity 
c.y use iDode thereof.” 


7. 0 - 1 ft 4 7 6' 

Project Title: Development of a Multi-disciplinary 

ERTS User Program in the State Ohio 
Ref. 20900 









Contract Number: NAS5-22399 | 

Principal Investigator: Paul E. Baldridge 

Deputy Director for 
Community Services 
Department of Economic and 
Corranunity Development 
P.O. 1001 

Columbus, Ohio 43216 



Onclas t 


June 10, 1976 

Progress Report (National Oceanic and 
Atmospheric Administration) 3 p HC $3.50 

CSCL 05B G3/43 

?o O 


SEP 2 0 1976 
SIS (902.6 

Prepared for 

Greenbelt, Maryland 20771 

Scientific Investigation Support 
Code 902.6 

Contract No. NAS5-22399 
ERTS Investigation No. 20900 
Item No. 2 


Section A - Problems 

1. Total cloud free, haze free, haze free coverage of the State has not yet 
been accomplished, therefore, marginal quality data has been ordered to 
complete the coverage. The coverage has caused delays in processing by 
the subcontractor Bendix Aerospace and necessitated amending their con- 
tract to extend the period of perfo.'rnance. These delays could effect 
the completion of the inventory by ODNR. It is expected that the final 
completion date will be govt'^ned by the progress in the digitiation of 
political boundaries for entry into OCAP. 

2. Socio Economic Merging With Landsat Data 

This section of work waiting on results of inventory. 

3. Services Development 

The only problem at this time is associated v/ith the Economic Develop- 
ment Forestry Resource Management portion where small scale aircraft 
coverage over the test site has not yet been satisfactorily accomplished. 

Section B - Accomplishments 

1. Section B - Accomplishments 

The geographic boundary digitizing team was trained during the period 
and eighteen counties including all township boundaries were digitized 
In addition the USGS 7 1/2 minute quad files also exist for each county. 

Discussion of the format of the output products and some estimates of 
costs brought about a preliminary product definition. The preliminary 
product would be a line printer output of each quad in the requested 
boundary (township, county, state, etc.) with an accompanying clear 
mylar transparency of the 7 1/2 minute base map. Data in the quad 
would be limited to be within the boundary of interest and all statis- 
tics (number of acres and percentage of each land use) would be printed 
out for the area of interest. 

Bendix has categorized approximately sixty percent of the state, and is 
refinim the categorization at this time. 

^ 2 . 


2. Socio-Economic Merging With Landsat Data 

A land use change inventory is being generated using 1973 and 1975 
1:24,000 scale photograhy for Franklin County. The inventory will 
be used in the determination of error in the land use change inven- 
tory generated from Landsat data. Further work is being done on land 
use change models utilizing the data in preparation for reciept of 
the Landsat results. Landsat data from two overlapping scenes one day 
apart Franklin County have been processed. The intention is to map 
the data into the same quad cells by the nearest neighbor technique 
so that a land use change map can be produce in-^order to analyze 
error in land use change due to the geometric correction technique. 

3. Service Development 

TASK TITLE: Urban Land Use Analysis (Franklin County) 

During this reporting period, analytical technique options were 
evaluated to determine the best method and/or combination of 
methods for preparing a land use m.ap of Franklin County, Ohio, 
using NASA hiqh-altitude color IR photography. Those selected 
procedures will be used to compare A/C and LANDSAT results. 

These analysis efforts have begun as well. 

TASK TITLE: Lake Eric Sedimentation Pattern Analysis 

General background information of task significance has been 
accumulated. Several interactions with Ohio State University 
Lake Erie Program personnel have taken place to acquire 
specific information and data from on-surfacc measurements 
required for the correlation analysis with LANDSAT imagery. 

Multi date Landsat data have been screeded and selected for 
subsequent analysis of sedimentation trends. 

TASK TITLE: Mining/Exploration Implications 

Task activities during this reporting period involved inter- 
actions with Ohio Geological Survey personnel to acfiuirc 
appropriate information/maps on existing mineral sites and 
gas and oil fields in Ohio. Selected LANDSAT imagery has been 
examined for anomalous surface features of potential geological 
interest. Field activities to acquire spectral signatures of 
selected sites in Morrow County, Ofiio, v/ere arranged to coincide 
witti the fJASA high-altitude photography overfliaht. Arrangements 
are Leiiig made to acquire the consul tinci services of a local 
exploration company to assist in assessing the exploration 
significance of the task results. 

TASK TITLE: Analysis of Woodland Areas in Trumbull County 

Groundtruth was collected in Trumbull County during May in 
anticipation of a NASA overflight over the area which occured 
on May 22, 1976. Detailed observations were made in selected 
areas near Mosquito Creek Resevoir of stand compositions, 
species, and conditions of maturity. A detailed correlation 
will be possible as soon as the high altitude photography 
flown over Trumbull County becomes available for analysis. 

If it is not of high quality NASA may be required to refly 
this study site area, 

TASK TITLE: Feasibility of using LANDSAT For Power Siting and Powe 
Corridor Selection 

LANDSAT imagery has been analyzed to determine if it can be used 
to determine parameters pertinent to siting and corridor 
selection. Among these are economic, social, and environmental 
factors which are currently being derived from aircraft and 
ground observation. Overlays of a single LANDSAT scene are 
being prepared which show terrain and cultural features which 
must be consideren in the location of power plants and power 
corridors in Ohio. 

Section C Significant Results 

1. None at this time 

2 . 


Section D Publications 
1. None 

Section E Recommendations 
1 . None 

Section F Funds Expended 

4. Total Funds expended for this contract by the end of May 
1976 are $44,723 of which $12,960 are state cost sharing. 

Section G. Data Use 

Value of Data Allowed Value of Data Ordered Value of Data Received 

Landsat $16,700 
CCT 5,600 
Aircraft 1,008* 




1 ,600* 

*CCT shown as 1800 in Third Quarterly was in error; Aircraft Third Quarterly 
allo’wed value of 1800 was in error. 

Section H. Aircraft Data 

1. Duplicates of the August 18th NASA AMES flight were received 
by Eendix Aerospace for use in training set selection. On 
May 22, 1976 NASA AMES U-2 flew the requested tost sites for 
Forestry nanageirent. Lake Erie iiinintation study and Mineral 
Exploration preliminary report was that cloud cover may be a 
problem on at least one test site.